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Unknown assailants set fire to a journalist's car in Najaf.


The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory "JFO" received confirmation that journalist Majed Al-Sudani was attacked in Najaf province on May 31, 2022, by setting fire to his car in front of his house.


In an interview with JFO, Al-Sudani stated that "the surveillance cameras recorded a masked guy late at night setting fire to my car that was parked in front of my house in Al-Zahraaa neighborhood in Najaf province." 


Al-Sudani called the National Security and Intelligence Services to continue their investigations in order to apprehend the perpetrator and put an end to the trend of threatening journalists in Najaf.


JFO strongly condemns what happened to Majid Al-Sudani and holds the security services accountable for finding those involved in the attack. JFO underlines that the impunity of those implicated will increase journalist targeting, risking their personal and family safety.




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