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Who We Are?




Reporting facts is the world’s main priority based on the right to reach any information at all times, but here in the country of Iraq - the most dangerous place for journalists – it’s super difficult to submit the fact information on media.


JFO is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom based in Baghdad now active in the US founded since 2004 to support - at the very first mission- the local journalists country wide including Kurdistan throw its active network committed to denouncing and documenting press freedom conditions.



We are exist to defend journalists at the very risky environment for media workers, so that everyone can express themselves freely, access information and enjoy freedom of the expression, JFO’s main mission is to observe & document all kinds of violations against journalists, we also working to promote laws and policies that support free expression, holding abusers to account, and advocate for legal reforms. Through our legal team and amazing network, we also respond to urgent requests from activists needing support and expert advice.










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  • Al-Basrah protests…Enraged protestersburn mediainstitutions whereasthe security servicesprepare to chasereporters

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  • Press Freedom in Iraq, never improved again, in 2017 too