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The Legal Consultant




We are a group of journalists and lawyers bearing the responsibility of monitoring all kinds and reasons of the violations against the journalists and media men, and taking all possible measures to confront the reasons of those violations not only through the statements of denouncement, but through taking constants steps to stop those violations through commissioning lawyers and legal men to pursue the violations and to sue the violators regardless of their ranks or positions, even though, we can sue them to the international courts.


How it works!


One of the issues the JFO deals with is to claim complaints in the name of the journalists that are violated, no matter whether the violation was practiced by the government or by the multilateral forces along with the violation practiced against the journalists by the institutes they work for. To achieve this mission, the JFO establishes “the legal consultancy option for journalists” on its web to enable the journalists getting the answers to their legal questions. In case that the JFO claims legally in the name of the journalist -who agrees on that - the JFO will hold responsible for all the costs of the case.


We hope that all journalists that face legal problems or who like to get legal consultancy to refer to our legal counselor on our web site.

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