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Parliament Request to Change a Journalist Cancelled.

Member of culture and media of the Iraqi parliament Mohammed Ismail al-Kazali said that the parliament cancelled its request issued yesterday to change al-Hurra channel reporter Mahmood Fuad.

Kazali told the journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) that the head of the diwan of the parliament Amjad Abdul Majeed has cancelled that request after some parliamentary deputies interfered to end that issue.

Kazali, who activates in protecting and defending the press freedoms and freedom of expression and follow up the issues of the journalists through contacting the JFO, clarified that some deputies and him worked not to let any body to violate the freedom and the work of the journalists.

He showed his solidarity with Mahmood Fuad and other journalists.

It is worth mentioning that the parliament requested, yesterday, to change al-Hurra reporter after airing the dispute between the 2nd deputy of the parliament speaker Arif Tefoor and the representative of one of the ethnic groups two weeks ago.




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