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Memorial Statue Planned to Commemorate Fallen Iraqi Journalists

May 18, 2010
The JFO, in cooperation with Baghdad Municipality, is planning a new statue in downtown Baghdad to commemorate Iraqi journalists and freedom of expression, as well as to honor the many journalists and media workers who have been killed in Iraq.
At a meeting on Monday attended by Baghdad Mayor Dr. Saber al-Issawi and a group of Iraqi journalists, it was decided that Baghdad Municipality will specify a location for the memorial and oversee the project’s completion. A joint committee from both JFO and the municipality will choose the most appropriate design.
Iraqi journalist and artist Jabar al-Mashahdani has been chosen to coordinate with Iraqi sculptors, both in Iraq and living abroad, to submit designs for approval by the joint committee. He said that the Association of Iraqi Sculptors has been asked to assist in this effort, and that the exact process for presenting potential designs will be explained in the coming weeks.
Journalists and other media workers have been the target of continual attacks since the American invasion in 2003. In this period, a total of 249 local and foreign journalists and media workers have been killed. Of these, 64 were kidnapped and later found dead, and the bodies of 14 have never been recovered, according to figures compiled by the JFO. 




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