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Journalists' Syndicate Building Targeted

Journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) condemns targeting the building of the journalists' syndicate, Saturday morning, in al-Wazeeria neighborhood of Baghdad, which caused damages to the building and the cars of the council's members.

First deputy of the journalists' syndicate head Ghazi Shiaa said that a road side bomb exploded near the outer gate of the syndicate, while the council was holding a meeting, which caused injuries and bruises to the council's members and damaged the glass of the building.

Shiaa, suffers bruises in his back, added that the explosion caused severe damage to the cars of the council's members and that some civilians were injured.

Head of the syndicate Moayed al-Lami is in the intensive care ward of the medical city hospital; his hand is broken, said one of journalists who accompanied him.

The syndicate was first established of 14 members, including the head and his two deputies, in 1959.

Iraq witnessed bloody attacks against the journalists and the media organizations since the American invasion in 2003; the press victims were 243 Iraqi and foreign journalists and media men; 132 of them were killed because of their working in the media field, and 53 technicians and media supporters, whereas there are many crimes against journalists and technicians not revealed yet; they were killed not because of their journalistic work. 64 journalists were kidnapped; many of them were killed, and 14 of them are still missing as per the statistics of the JFO.

The JFO hopefully received the news of arresting one of the suspects involved in the killing of al-Sharqia team, condemns the attack on the journalists' syndicate building and hope the clleagues injured in the explosion to revive soon. It urges the security forces to hold prompt investigation to chase the criminals and to present them to the justice.




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