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Journalists Abused by Basra Provincial Council Head

Some satellite channels and news agency reporters that attended the building of the council to cover a press conference, complain the bad treatment of the Basra provincial council head.

Al-Hurra channel reporter Saad Kusay said that he and some other channels reporters were called to cover a conference between Basra provincial council and Shell investment Company; they were preparing their cameras to start their work, but they were astonished about the question of the council head about their being there.

Kusai added that" the council head kicked us all out in an uncivilized way".

Al-Salam channel reporter Emad Salman said that the reporters were "officially invited by the media section of the council and there was no one single reasonable reason to ban us from covering the conference".

Press TV reporter Safaa Kadhim described the behavior of the council head as "absolutely unjustified".

Journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) condemns the behavior of the council head and his dismissing and banning them to cover the conference and considers it as a personal behavior that adversely affects the freedom to get the information. It asks all the Basra provincial councils members including the head to express their apology to the journalists and media men.




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