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Journalistic Freedoms Observatory Seeks Pardon to al-Zaidi

Journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) asks Iraqi judiciary board to pardon al-Baghdadia satellite channel reporter Muntadhar al-Zaidi who was held by the Iraqi security authorities, Sunday, after hurling President Bush with his shoes during the joint press conference with Premier Noori al-Maliki.

JFO rejects the way of al-Zaidi's protest against the policy of the American president and does not accept this kind of expression. The calm response of both Bush and Maliki in their comments on the event should encourage the Iraqi judiciary officials to pardon al-Zaidi.

To soothe the global tension about the event, and for humanitarian reasons, JFO urges the Iraqi judiciary board to immediately pardon and release al-Zaidi.

Zaidi will be tried as per articles 223, 225, and 227 of Iraqi penal code under the accusation of "abusing foreign president".
JFO reminds all the workers of the media organizations with the "Iraqi media honor charter" signed by more than 28 Iraqi media organizations.




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