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Journalist Held, Another Released in Najaf

Special security force in Najaf has held al-Hurra channel reporter in Kut province Akram al-Rubai during his being in the holy city whereas they released Amjed al-Araji, Addustour newspaper correspondent in Najaf.
Journalist Fadhil al-Attabi said "special force of the national information and interrogation apparatus has arrested Akram al-Rubai in Najaf where he was in al-Hakeem hospital to follow up the health condition of his relative who was under the detention of the security forces of Najaf.
He added that "the arrest took place on Monday noon when al-Rubai was taken to the anti-terror office on the background of his claiming to the interior ministry officials that his sick relative was abused by the security forces during interrogating him. A special investigation committee of high ranking officers was formed to follow up the details of the event.

Interior minister has promptly and directly interfered last week to end the case of abusing al- Rubai relative.

Manager of public relations and media in the ministry Alaa al-Taee told the JFO that minister Jawad al-Boolani has ordered to form a special committee to investigate the abuse of al-Rubai relative and to detain the officer in charge of that.

Adnan kadhim al-Kenani, family member of Akram al-Rubai, has denied the detention of the officer who himself ordered to arrest al-Rubai and that the minister order is completely ignored and not applied.

Journalists of Najaf said that some officers accused of abusing al-Rubai relative have impeached him and caused the judge to issue an arrest warrant against him; accordingly, elements of the national information and interrogations office held and interrogated him; he is still under detention.

Haider al-Asadi, manager of Addustour newspaper office told the JFO that a police force raided-Monday afternoon- the house of the paper correspondent in Najaf Amjed al-Araji and took him to al-Gari police station of the old city to interrogate him about his brother.

Asadi added that Araji was arrested with out any legal arrest warrant; they ignored his press ID and his being a journalist.

He pointed that Araji was released on the same day due to the lack of evidences.

JFO asks the head of higher judiciary council to interfere to protect al-Hurra channel reporter and to reveal the details of his arrest. It    also asks to transfer the files of the investigation to the specialized courts in Baghdad to guarantee the transparency of the measures taken regarding this issue.




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