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JFO Warns Indulging Journalists in the Electoral Competition

Journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) warns the political forces and parties from the dangers of indulging the journalists in the electoral conflict of the competing forces.

This comes on the eve of the arrest of radio sawa reporter in Ramadi Kanan al-Dulaimi after covering the visit of vice president Tariq al-Hashimi to the provincial council, Monday.

Dulaimi told JFO that the guards of the governor ,Sami Rasheed Mamoon, held him and confiscated his press tool.

He maintained that the governor "dismissed me out of the hall" and" the guards held me in one of their checkpoints".

"The officer in charge of the guards imprisoned me for 7 hours and confiscated my tools and my communication apparatus", Dulaimi added.
Dulaimi accused some officials in Ramadi for threatening him on the background of the electoral competing conflict of the provincial elections to back up a certain list and to oblige the media outlets to cover the news of certain bodies in Ramadi.

He said that the interior ministry played a big role in releasing him after 7 hours of detention.

JFO warns the parties and political forces not to practice any pressure on the journalists; otherwise, it will sue whoever threatens a journalist or a media outlet. JFO, through the sums of the complaints it received from the journalists, sees that the journalists endure pressure and embarrassment as the election date gets closer.

It is really strange that all bodies try randomly to impose restrictions on the journalists with out any legal bases, for example on that is what is called "the professional behavior document" issued by the independent high electoral commission which it soon regarded it as a violation to the Iraqi constitution and the international laws of the press work freedom; that document threatened the journalists to fine and punish them once they publish news not interested by the government.

JFO asks the government, the nominees, and the provincial councils to take all possible measures to set the journalists away from their competition and conflict to enable them covering the events freely.




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