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Grenade Injured Afaq Satellite Channel Workers

Journalistic Freedoms Observatory (JFO) deounces the criminal act against the workers of Afaq satellite channel- Sunday afternoon. The media team, the correspondent, the cameraman, and the driver, was targeted by a grenade upon returning back to the Station in Alawi al-Hilla area of Baghdad; the attack caused severe injuries to the three workers.

Head of the correspondents Khazal Ghazi told the JFO that the team that consisted of the reporter Aammar Maher al-Saadi, the cameraman Adnan Matar, and the driver Adel Jabbar were on their way back to the channel when a person threw the grenade inside their car near al-Muthana airport intersection, they tried to threw it out of the car, but it exploded and the shrapnel wounded them in different parts of their bodies. They were taken to the hospital for treatment.

The JFO wishes the colleagues to revive soon and asks the Iraqi security authorities to follow up the issues of targeting the journalists and to chase the criminals to reduce the escalation of the attacks against the media men and journalists.




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