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Government to Confront the Threats Against Journalists

Interior minister jawad al-Boolani told the journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) that his ministry will chase and confront anybody that threatens the journalists or the media outlets while covering the provincial elections.

JFO got some video and audio records of threats sent by some political movements in Baghdad and other provinces to some journalists.
Spokesman of the interior ministry Abdul Kareem Khalaf told JFO that the security forces are ready to implement any warrant of arrest against whoever threatens the journalists or the media outlets adding that no one is above the law and the Iraqi constitution regardless of his rank in the government.

JFO keeps the evidences and the documents of the threats the journalists provided it with; they contain their accusation of being "agents to foreign bodies".

JFO asks all the journalists and media workers to inform it about any threat they may face; it will –as per the partnership with the interior ministry- provide them with enough security through the direct contact with the security forces to take the proper measures to protect them.




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