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Four journalists received the (Press Courage Award)

Journalistic Freedoms Observatory (JFO) awarded the “Press Courage Award” to four Iraqi journalists who uncovered cases of financial and administrative corruption.

The grand ceremony was held at the “Mansour Melia” hotel to give the awards to the winners.

The journalist Emad Al-Abaadi received the Press Courage Award in the electronic field for his article which revealed financial violations in the social benefits allocated to the three presidencies in Iraq.

Al-Abaadi published his article entitled (social benefits…A new corruption scandal of the three presidencies) on the website (Kitabat), before his assassination attempt in Baghdad last month which resulted serious injuries in his head and neck.

Ala’a Al-Rubai’e, Al-Baghdadeya satellite channel reporter, received the Press Courage Award for his reportage in which he revealed the issue of fake university degrees and places where to be forged at.

The Arbitration Committee, which consists of fifteen journalists and academics, withheld the Courage in radio Journalism because of the lack of investigative reports and stories, but the committee praised the Iraqi radio stations for criticizing the status of services and for receiving complaints from citizens, although the Committee did not receive investigative radio reports that uncover serious issues.

Ahmed Arram, Al-Hurrah, satellite channel reporter, received the Press Courage Award for his report which uncovered documents concerns the exploitation of land on the banks of the Tigris River by officials in the Iraqi government.

Independent journalist Othman Al-Mukhtar received the Press Courage Award for printed journalism for a report he made about issues of financial and administrative corruption in Al-Anbar province that was entitled (Tribal leaders, clerics and parliamentarians, involved in suspicious deals) which was published by (Al-Arab) newspaper after the apology of local newspapers.

Al-Mukhtar continued working and investigating on the report in spite of the threatening for four journalists investigated the financial and administrative corruption in Al-Anbar.

The reward is granted by the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory (JFO) in order to support the freedom of expression, assign value of the sacrifice for the sake of access to the information and the truth, speak out about it with courage, professionally and high level of neutrality, uncovering cases of financial and administrative corruption in all of its aspects, and reflects the spirit of civilized society, which the press takes its role as an effective monitoring authority. It’s the first exalted award presented by a journalistic organization.

People chosen by the Arbitration Committee were granted (3000 U.S Dollars) worth reward and a shield for (Courage in Journalism) during a ceremony at the “Mansour Melia” hotel in Baghdad.

The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory seeks to make the award that is supported by the (PRT) team in Baghdad with the contribution of (Al-Kinany companies) and (Iraq FM radio), seeks to make it an important, fundamental factor in motivating journalists to be creative in their business and work to detect cases of administrative and financial corruption in order to get to the facts and ensure the public's right to know it with credibility, professionalism and high neutrality.

The award also aims to establish a deeper understanding and greater responsibility for the protection of journalistic freedoms and the right of expression. It also will be working counter to the intimidation of journalists.




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