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Four Journalists Assassinated in Mosul


Journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) denounces the killing of al-Sharqiya team, Musab Mahmood al-Azzawi, Manager of al-Sharqiya in Mosul, Ahmed Salim and Ehab Saad, camera men, and Qerdar Sulaiman, driver, who were abducted and killed in Mosul, north of Iraq.

 They were abducted-today's afternoon- by gunmen in Zangeeli area of Mosul, the police found their bodies on the roadside of al-Boorsa area west of Mosul.

Al-Sharqiya told the JFO in a phone call that the bodies of the team were found in the Boorsa area one hour after the kidnapping with bullets in the heads and chests.

Al-Sharqiya accused what it called "The forces of darkness and betrayal" for targeting its staff in Mosul.

During the last years , al-Sharqiya has lost four of its staff; they are Liqaa Abdul Razzak, newscaster, Ahmed Wail al-Bakri, TV director, Ahmed Rasheed, reporter, and Mohammed al-Ban, TV reporter.

The killing of al-Sharqiya team raised the press victims since the American invasion to Iraq in 2003 to 243 Iraqi and foreign journalists and media men; 132 of them were killed because of their working in the media field, and 53 technicians and media supporters, whereas there are many crimes against journalists and technicians not revealed yet; they were killed not because of their journalistic work. 64 journalists were kidnapped; many of them were killed, and 14 of them are still missing as per the statistics of the JFO.

JFO decries this criminal act and asks the security forces in Mosul to bear their responsibility in protecting the journalists working in the city. It asks for prompt and comprehensive investigation to chase the assassins and present them to the justice. Neniva operations' commander Riad Jalal Tawfeeq announced the arrest of two of the suspects who took part in the crime.

JFO recommends all the journalists and media workers to be careful and cautious while moving inside the city and in its adjacent neighbors because Mosul now is regarded the most dangerous place for the journalists and media men.




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