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Politicians are responsible for the targeting of our colleague Al-Abaadi

The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory condemns the criminal attack in which the prominent Journalist, Emad Al-Abaadi, was targeted, Monday evening in (Al-Arasat) area in Baghdad where he was seriously injured in the head and neck, and taken to Al-Yarmouk Hospital.

Al-Abaadi miraculously escaped the assassination attempt; he suffered a serious injuries in the head and neck resulted from muffled weapon’s bullets, shot by gunmen intercepted his vehicle with their sedan. One of the bullets penetrated the neck whilst the other one settled on the right side of the head and did not go through to the other side.

 He is now in (Al-Kadhimiya) hospital after undergoing surgery in the head by Iraqi and Americans doctors.

 Al-Abaadi is active in his criticism of the administrative and financial corruption in government institutions, and one of the leading defenders of journalistic freedoms, insurance of transparency and the right of access to information.

Investigator assigned by the ministry of interior to pursue the criminal incident in which Al-Abaadi went through, says that Al-Abaadi did not stop after being seriously wounded on the lookout of being hit by more bullets “Continued driving from (Al-Arasat) area to (Al-Salheya) without stopping”, even one of the checkpoints saw him covered with blood and tried to stop him, but he continued to cross the bridge of the (Jumhureya).

Struggling with his injuries, on his way to Al-Deyar TV satellite channel headquarters, which he serves as a consultant, he called the journalistic freedoms observatory referring, with quavered, disturbed and unclear voice, that unknown people tried to assassin him. His voice was difficult to understand because of the severity of injury.

 Minister of interior Jawad Al-Bolani, who rushed to visit Al-Abaadi in the hospital, has menaced to capture the criminals and bring them to justice. He said to our colleague Al-Abaadi “We will get them and they will not escape from the grip of security men”.

 At the time that the journalistic freedoms observatory believes in the Bolani’s vow, the journalistic freedoms observatory is demanding that the investigation should be limited to the ministry of interior, and he should control the case investigation in person.

Condemning the criminal attack incident, the journalistic freedoms observatory, consider it as a strong blow directed at freedom of expression and democracy in the country, and warn parties and political forces of the consequences of involving the journalists and the media in the election fight and trying to use the targeting of journalists to cause detriment to one side in favor to anther by accusing the first of being responsible for disorder.

The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory wishes speedy recovery of colleague Al-Abaadi and warns all colleagues of journalists of the dangers that threaten their lives and recommend possible measures to avoid potential targeting incidents during the next period.
 The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory holds Iraqi politicians, parliamentarians and government officials and military personnel who call their statements against journalists, accusing them of false charges, holds them full responsibility for the dangerous incidents targeting journalists and demands special measures to protect them in the next phase.

Translated in Cooperation with "IFEX" Organization.




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