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Baghdad Operations Commander Responds to Investigate the Aggression on Journalists

Journalistic freedoms observatory highly appreciates the prompt measures taken by Baghdad operations leadership to investigate the incidents and aggression on the journalists to cover the health situations of the al-Hurriya district bombing.

Spokesman of Baghdad operations brigadier Kasim Atta told, Wednesday, the independent news agency (Aswat al-Iraq)(Iraq's voices) that commander of Baghdad operations Abood Ganber has ordered, Wednesday, to launch immediate investigation with the force accused of mistreating the journalists in al-Karkh hospital and to take the appropriate measures against the violators".

Journalistic freedoms observatory accounts this measure as an important act to stop the same violations and aggressions happened in different occasions, this comes to assert the Prime ministers' instructions not to mistreat the journalists covering the daily incidents.

It is worth mentioning that more than 15 reporters and cameramen, accompanying the Baghdad provincial council's head Maeen al-kadhimi while visiting the victims of al-Hurriya district bombing at al-Karkh general hospital, were abused by the military forces there.

Journalistic freedoms observatory appreciates this act and the measures of investigation taken by Baghdad operations leadership, and extends its thankfulness and gratefulness to Baghdad operations commander Abood Ganber for his quick response to the call of the journalistic freedoms observatory. It urges all the military operations units to respect the work of journalism and the freedom to reach and get the information.

Translated in coordination with the "Reporters with out borders" organization.




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