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American Army Detains a Journalist

Journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) expresses its deep concerns about the detention of the photojournalist Ibrahim Jassam who the central criminal court found innocent and ordered the American army to immediately release him.

Jassam, whom works for Reuters and other media outlets, is still under detention in cropper camp jail near Baghdad International airport since last September when the Iraqi-American forces raided his house in al-Mahmoodia, west of Baghdad, and confiscated his equipments.
The American Army presented Jassam to the Iraqi court after 60 days of his detention, but they did not find him guilty and recommended releasing him.

The US army spokesman, Neil Fischer, alleged that Jassam constitutes "a threat to the Iraqi security and stability".

The Americans presented no evidences to the Iraqi court to justify Jassam's detention.

JFO has earlier sent many letters to the American army about the legality of keeping Jassam under detention, but Neil replied in an email that " we honor the decision of the Iraqi central criminal court, but this does not deny the intelligent information we have that describes Jassam as " a threat to the security and stability of Iraq adding that the American army is not obliged to respond or apply the Iraqi court decision to release Jassam".

JFO condemns Jassam's detention and considers it as an unacceptable violation to the legal procedures.




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