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Ali al-Mishhadani Issue to Sort Out within 36 Hours

Journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) asks the American army in Iraq to sort out the issue of the TV camera man Ali al-Mishhadani -who they have detained eight days ago- with in 36 hours as per the agreements between the global organizations and the Pentagon, or to immediately release him.


Ali, works for Reuters news agency and Washington based NBR radio, was arrested in the CIPIC center of the green zone when he was there to renew his press card issued by the American army, Reuters said.

Reuters urged-last week- the American army to hasten releasing him or to announce evidences of his detention.

Reuter international editor-in-chief David Shlesinger said in a statement on the agency website "Any accusations against any journalist should publicly announced and transparently dealt with, the journalist has a right to defend himself and to have a lawyer".

JFO expresses its concern for keeping al-Mishhadani detained with out accusations; it asks the American army to promptly announce the reasons behind the detention.


Adil al-Dulaimi, journalist from al-Anbar province, told the JFO that al-Mishhadani was detained for 6 months by the American army in 2005 because of the video shots they found in his camera, but they did not accuse him of nothing.

Reuters announced that the American army" suspected those shots they found in his camera about the mutiny engulfed the province then"

Spokesman of the American army said that al-Mishhadani is detained in the Grouper Camp near Baghdad international airport because he constitutes a "threat to Iraq's security and to the coalition forces".


JFO asks the American army to present official declaration about his arrest and to announce and deal with the accusations against him within the period agreed upon between the Pentagon and the committee to protect journalist (CPJ) in which the American army certified their commitment to release the journalists 36 hours of their detention.


translated in cooperation with the organization of "Reporters Without Borders."




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