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Project to Protect Journalists Launched

Journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) and the interior ministry launched a special project of new mechanism to protect journalists and to guarantee their safe movements to the places of events along with facilitating the entry of the foreign journalists and granting them visas.

Manager of the JFO Ziad al-Ajili says that the project is just a step of bigger project of three steps in cooperation with the program of backing the independent Iraqi media (Daem). It represents the first move to provide better means to protect the journalists.

The ministry's media and Public relations manager Alaa al-Taee says that his ministry is ready to provide all possible means to facilitate the work of the journalists.

He adds that "we have a clear vision from the very beginning, and we want to develop it in a project with any organization caring about the journalistic affairs. The project is unprecedented on the regional and international levels".

 He urges the media organizations to make use of the ministry's initiative to create the appropriate atmosphere to set this project a success.
Spokesman of the ministry Abdul Kareem Khalaf welcomes the project and praises the endevours of the JFO " JFO is always seriously treating the issues of the journalists; this encourages us to work with it to guarantee finding suitable means of protection to the journalists and media men".

Interior minister Jawad al-Boolani has earlier approved the project presented by the JFO and ordered all the concerned offices of the ministry to put it in to practice.

The project is only a first phase of bigger project to protect the journalists; the JFO has agreed with the program of backing the independent Iraqi media to train the journalists how to protect them selves, to provide them with flank jackets, helmet, and small first aid bag.

The agreement held with the interior ministry will provide vast security facilities for the work and movement of the journalists, providing them with the security information about the places they want to cover, and to escort them when needed. Journalists should contact the JFO to get such facilities.

JFO calls on the media organizations and journalists for a better cooperation to set the project with the interior ministry a success, and to make use of the ministry's initiative to provide the safety measures to the journalists working in the places of events.




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