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T.V. team receives fire from army forces in Mosul

Feb 14, 2010
The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory condemns the attack against (Al-Iraqia Satellite T.V. channel) crew on Thursday by an Iraqi army check point east to Mosul city.

According to the media Agency (Voices of Iraq), based on the channel’s cameraman story, the crew was shot and beaten at a checkpoint of the Iraqi Army east to Mosul.

The Agency reported as the cameraman Muhannad Ibrahim of Al-Iraqia Satellite T.V. channel was saying: “We (himself, correspondent and the driver) were exposed to fire shots between our feet, beaten and verbally abused at an Iraqi army check point in the district of Aden, east to Mosul city after they finished media coverage for the Minister of planning activities”.

Ibrahim added:”When we reached the check point, there was a huge traffic jam so we approached to one of the soldiers showing the channel’s I.D. but he responded by shooting between our feet not to mention the beats and verbal abuse.

The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory strongly condemns the rude way that the security forces use in dealing with journalists and calls the Iraqi Defense Ministry for an urgent investigation and reveal the details of this unjustified attack and punish those responsible for it, otherwise, the ministry bears full responsibility for that attack.




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