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The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory (JFO) is an independent organization based in Baghdad that monitors and defends journalists and the freedoms of the press in Iraq


Since its inception in the extremely challenging conditions of 2004 and continuing throughout the worst of Iraq’s sectarian violence and political/social upheaval, JFO has remained a vocal and active force in Baghdad and throughout the country of Iraq.  The organization actively works to provide a safe environment for Iraqi and foreign journalists operating in Iraq. The JFO is widely-recognized as a non-partisan, non-party affiliated, non-sectarian media watchdog in Iraq, trusted and utilized as a resource for journalists and international organizations around the world.




Iraq HQ


Telephone +964(790)151-4862



Ziad al-Ajili

Cell Phone +964(770)893-4807




Diyar Barzanji


Cell Phone +964(770)222-6190



Washington DC-USA
Bashar Mandalawi


Cell Phone +1(202)361-9906






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