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Who We Are?

We are a group of journalists and media men bearing the responsibility of monitoring all kinds and reasons of the violations against the journalists and media men, and taking all possible measures to confront the reasons of those violations not only through the statements of denouncement, but through taking constants steps to stop those violations through commissioning lawyers and legal men to pursue the violations and to sue the violators regardless of their ranks or positions, even though, we can sue them to the international courts.

The JFO will follow up the violations through its wide network of observers on the countrywide.

  • Security Forces Repel an Attempt to Kill a Journalist in Baghdad.

  • Project to Protect Journalists Launched

  • More than 160 violations against Iraqi journalists and media organizations in two weeks

  • The authorities prevents the access of a cultural magazine into Iraq

  • Mosul journalists are dying amid resounding silence

  • Local Officials & Extremists are Chasing Iraqi Journalists

  • famed journalist faces threats of assassination due to a lawsuit filed by an MP

  • ISIL knife cuts the throat of journalists…And disturbing information from the areas of conflict