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Parliament Asks to Change a Journalist

Diwan of the parliament asks to change al-Hurra satellite channel reporter Mahmood Fuad for airing the dispute between the 2nd deputy of the parliament speaker Arif Tefoor and the Ezidi deputy Ameen Farhan two weeks ago.

Fuad received a letter from the office of the 2nd deputy of the parliament asking the channel to apologize for airing the dispute and to change the reporter who is banned from entering the parliament.

These requests represent a violation to article 19 of the international human rights declaration and to article 38 of the Iraqi constitution that guarantees the right of publication and media.

Journalistic Freedoms Observatory (JFO) expresses its resentment for the behavior of some parliamentary deputies with the media workers and organizations and astonishes from the violations that take place under the parliament dome and to the disrespect of some parliament's members to the international laws and to the Iraqi constitution.

On the 11th of October, the guards of the parliament held 35 journalists and confiscated their equipments for the same reason.

JFO sees that the Iraqi judiciary represented by the federal court should say its word between the parliamentary and political bodies and the media outlets because the democratic understanding seems still vague to some parliamentary and political members.




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