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Kurdistan authorities are responsible of protecting journalists

Feb 14, 2010
The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory condemns the repeated attacks against the editor in chief of Jehan Magazine in Kurdistan Iraq.

According to the (Metro Center for defending the Journalists), located in Sulaimaneya city, Journalistic Freedoms Observatory’s acting partner, that two men attacked last Tuesday the editor in chief of Jehan Magazine, Nabaz Goran, in the city of Sulaymaneyah and beat him which led to minor wounds.

Goran said in a telephone conversation with the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory, hiding in Horman Mountains. “Two men beat me but I fought back”. He explained:”Those who attacks me and abuses me are always people who want me to retract my position of the articles I write and not to reveal facts I already discovered”.

Colonel Najm Al-Deen Qader, Sulaimaneya’s police commander said:”There is an investigation and we will check everything”.
Nabaz Goran is an independent journalist and editor in chief of Jehan political Magazine which used to be published in Erbil before moving to Sulaymaneyah after the assaults he faced.

In 2007 he was kidnapped Erbil, and in October of last year he endured a similar attack by unknown militants in the same city.

The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory demands the authorities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to investigate the incident and bring the responsible people to justice and act in accordance with the law without abusing press freedoms, the thing that can no longer be tolerated not to mention the unjustified violations against the journalists in the region of Kurdistan.

Journalistic Freedoms Observatory is cooperating with (Metro Center for defending the Journalists), located in Sulaimaneya city since the beginning of this year.





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