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JFO's social media message to raise awareness saving lives

November 03, 2016

As ISF and coalition forces invade Mosul, the last ISIS stronghold in Iraq, the grim details of the extremist group’s rule come to light.
But this time was different, just by the 1st week of announcing the offensive to retake Mosul; two Iraqi journalists have been targeted paying their lives to attempt cover the war events.
In two separated locations Ali Resan, a cameraman for broadcaster Iraqi satellite channel Al Sumaria TV was shot on 22 October near Mosul.
While Ahmet Haceroğlu, also known as Ahmed Hajr Oglo, was a reporter for Iraqi public broadcaster Türkmeneli TV. He was killed in the city of Kirkuk on 21 October.
What gathers both cases in the sniper, both Ali and Ahmed were reporting without real Gears for self protection.
Journalistic Freedoms Observatory has launched a new campaign hashtaged #Gear_Up to encourage every single Media Worker Journalist, Photojournalist & Reporter wearing the Gear "Helmet + Vest" to be protected during the Iraq's ISF Mosul Offensive to retake the province of Nineveh
JFO’s activist Bashar Mandalawi has began the campaign from Washington DC where located, more people later on joined the campaign seeking the international community’s support to Iraqi journalists. click here to donate https://www.gofundme.com/jfo-gearup
Despite the quick military advance, Iraqis can’t forget when ISIS had seized Mosul two years earlier, in June 2014. A mix of Iraqis and foreigners, they rode into the city in convoys.
They burned down the police stations and army checkpoints. They hoisted flags with the black-and-white ISIS logo, installed new imams in the mosques, new teachers in the schools. From the Great Mosque of al Nuri, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi proclaimed the creation of the Islamic State and himself its caliph. He commanded Muslims everywhere to Obey him.




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