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JFO Asks Maliki to Interfere Releasing a Photographer

Journalistic freedoms observatory calls on Premier Noori al-Maliki to interfere to release the Reutter's photographer Ibrahim jassam from the American detention after Iraqi court issued a decision to free him.

Jassam spent 3 months in Crupper camp (Near Baghdad international airport) since September when he was arrested by Iraqi-American contingent forces from his home in Mahmoodiya south of Baghdad. Iraqi central criminal court found him not guilty in 30th of November and issued its order to free him.

Sister of Jassam told the JFO that her family trusts the Iraqi judiciary decisions adding that the whole family is worried about her brother in the American prisons.

Spokesman of the American central leadership Genera Neil Fisher responded to the email of the JFO about the legal stance of Jassam that "any not convicted detainee is to set free as per the new security agreement".

The JFO asks the Premier Noori al-Maliki to use his power to release Jassam, and lays responsibility on the American forces to ensure his safety. In his last call to his family –Tuesday- he told that his" psychological state is very bad". 




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