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Iraqi Government and the Protection of its Citizens Abroad

Journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) completely rejects the illegal measures taken by Syrian security forces against the Fayha satellite channel presenter Haifa al-Huseini.

News editing secretary of the channel kamal al-Badran said the actions were brutal and illegal especially Haifa is legally based in Syria.
Syrian security forces have held Haifa six days ago with out clarifying the reason why she was sent to one of the Syrian security jails in Damascus.

Al-badran added that Haifa presents series of programs that deal with some neighboring states facilitating the entry of the terrorists to Iraq; the Syrians might count that as a hint to them.

Al-badran maintains that the Syrian side is responsible for Haifa's safety.

JFO strongly condemns the way Haifa was treated with, and asks the Syrian side to allow her unconditionally return to Iraq. It urges the Iraqi government to take the appropriate diplomatic channels to protect its citizens all over the world and to seriously work on protesting officially to the Syrian government against the arrest of the journalists in Syria.




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