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Free Prisoners Association Guards Abused a Journalist in Diwaniya

Journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) denounces the aggression of the guards of Salah al-Seefani, head of the free prisoners association of Diwaniya, on the al-Furat satellite channel cameraman Salah al-Kaabi during his covering a conference about the political prisoners in the province.

Kaabi told the (JFO) that "the guards banned him putting the microphone that bears the logo of al-Furat channel on the table; they impolitely treated him".

He adds that "his colleagues interfered to set him free from the guards who brutally behaved with him".

Kaabi astonishes that "the head of the association was watching what was happening with out interfering; he wonders how he heads an association that supposed to defend the political prisoners whose free expression rights were violated ".

Reporter of the channel in Diwaniya Ahmed Hassan asks in a phone call with the JFO to have the local authorities investigating the issue and to promptly stop the violations of some of the elements attached to the local officials.

The JFO decries this violation and asks for active measures to end such acts that adversely affect the professional media work and hinder the journalists achieving their missions.




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