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Assaults Against Journalists In Najaf Province

 Jan 16, 2010
The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory denounces the assault against a number of journalists in the province of Najaf after the recent bombing that targeted the city on Thursday.

Colleague, Fadhil Al-Ataby (freelance journalist) told the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory that a number of journalists were banned from practicing their media job and hospital admission to follow up with the injured people. A number of policemen of the commandership of Al-Najaf police severely beat journalists, photographers and technicians; Colleagues Haydar Husain Yaly, “Afaq” satellite TV channel cameraman; Ali Algam, “Al-Fayha’a” satellite TV channel cameraman and Haydar Salih, “Al-Ettijah” satellite TV channel correspondent were insulted and beaten which led to injuries and bruises on the face and parts of the body. Also colleague Ali Al-Tayar, (freelance journalist) was verbally abused, called names and his camera was taken and broken.

Al-Ataby added that this prohibition based on the instructions of Adnan Al-Zurfi, governor of Najaf, according to the security services people who had prevented the media works and assaults.

The Journalistic Freedoms Observatory is requesting apology for the journalists by the province of Najaf council and compensation for material and immaterial damages caused to them by this attack and punish the defaulters of security elements of the city, and also calls for the use of the constitution and law as a reference to determine the work of security services; and disobey orders of the officials regarding assaulting journalists and preventing them from practicing their business.




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