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American Allegations for Shooting a Journalist Rejected

Journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) rejects the allegations of the American forces for shooting Iraqi journalist with untraditional bullets, Thursday noon, in Karrada neighborhood.

Hadeel Emad, video editor in Biladi satellite channel, was shot and severely injured by the Americans, a bullet exploded in her body damaging her kidney, and causing internal bleeding, medical source said.

News secretary of the channel Majeed Ekab said the medical team prevented visiting her by the reporters, media workers, and her family while being in the intensive care section.

The Americans in a statement told that she did not respond to their warnings while crossing the street, they shot her because of her erratic and suspicious behavior and because she ignored the repeated warnings of the soldiers.

The statement clarified that a contingent American-Iraqi forces shot her and injured her.

The American forces justified shooting her, "the soldiers applied the military obligations after failing to recognize who she was and after her ignoring the warnings of the Iraqi police and the multinational soldiers in Baghdad".

Ekab showed his resentments to these allegations telling the JFO that "it is incredible that a woman can threat such heavily equipped military forces".

Hadeel,25, was on her seventh day of marriage, started her work with al-Diyar satellite channel in 2004, then moved to Biladi satellite channel owned by ex premier Ibrahim al-Jafari.

Journalist Emad al-Ebadi, head of the preventive protection of journalists, which is regarded the 1st step of the joint agreement between the interior ministry and JFO, describes the American forces as "violation to the international and Iraqi laws".

He adds that the American forces used untraditional bullets which are globally banned to use against civilians or in the military battles.
Medical reports reveal that Hadeel was shot with untraditional bullets.

Ebadi maintains that the American forces should be tried under the Iraqi law especially after signing the security pact between Washington and Baghdad.

JFO rejects the American allegations for targeting Hadeel and other civilians; it denounces the immoral way of dealing with the event in not rescuing the victim and transferring her to a specialized hospital. JFO asks the Iraqi authorities to interfere and chase the doers as per the articles of the security pact signed by the two countries.




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