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Al-Rasheed Radio Station Closed by Local Authority of Mosul

Manager of al-Rasheed radio station in Mosul Abdul Sattar al-Dulaimi told the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory (JFO) that Nineva provincial council decided, Saturday, to close the station.

The station lacks the official approvals and documents along with provoking violence and sedition, the letter of closure stated.  Dulaimi denied all those allegations telling that the station got the required approvals from the board of media and there are political motives behind the decision.

 JFO rejects these decisions that do not based on the Iraqi constitution and laws. It asks the Iraqi government to protect the democratic interest of free media and urges it to take prompt action to reopen the station and to put an end to the violations of that local council against the freedom of media.
Translated in cooperation with the "reporters with out borders" organization.




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