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Al-Mousili Denied Assassination Attempt

Manager of Iraqi Satellite channel in Tikrit Khalid Waad al-Mousili denied his being targeted by armed group in Salahuddin province.
He said that the news of his targeting published by some news organizations was false.

Iraqi group for media safety and the committee of press freedoms attached to the union of journalists have published a statement about the attempt of targeting and wounding of Mousili in a fake check point and stealing the money he was carrying with him.

Mousili expressed his resentment of the news telling that his office did not have such big amount and he was not authorized to carry or transfer any amount of his organization's money.

He asked all the media outlets and press organizations to search for the news and information from its sources of origin in order to avoid any harassment like "what happened to us".

Tikrit police media office manager colonel Hatim al-Tikriti told JFO "there are no fake check points in Tikrit".
JFO asks all the professional media organizations to be accurate and careful regarding the news of the safety of journalists lest it might hurt them.

Translated in cooperation with the "reporters with out borders" organization.




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