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al-Hurra channel team kicked out

Journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) denounces the intensive measures taken by some colleges' deanships in Iraq against the journalists to obstacle their works under the allegations of the security measures or not granting approvals. This obviously violates the freedom of press, and we ask the minister of higher education to instruct the colleges to cooperate with the journalists and not to keep things in the dark.

Haider al-Badry, al-Hurra reporter in Babylon province, told the JFO that the team of photographers and him were forcibly kicked out of the college building.

He adds that they were invited by Dr. Hameed Shakir, head of the cinema club of the college, but some security elements banned them from doing their work telling that they have to get the approval of the deanship before shooting inside the college; they were taken to the security office of the college.

The dean seemed tough to them and asked to immediately leave the college and severely instructed the security "to fire us by force if we keep inside the college", describing the cinema as "bullshit thing".

JFO has earlier this year received many complaints from the journalists about the misbehavior of the colleges and their interference in their works.

JFO rejects this irresponsible behavior of the deanship of Babylon college of plastic arts and asks the minister of higher education and scientific research to take the appropriate measures not to change some educational associations into security offices.




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