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Al-Hashimi bodyguards' chief threatens to kill al-Hurriya channel reporter

Journalistic freedoms observatory severely decries the vice president bodyguards' aggression on some journalists in Kirkuk today, Sunday.

Adnan al-Jaf, al-Hurriya channel reporter in Kirkuk, told the JFO that al-Hashimi bodyguards' chief "threatened to kill him".


Al-Jaf told the JFO on a phone call that he and the reporters of al-Iraqiya, al-sumeriya, Kurdistan TV, Ishtar, al- Baghdadiya, Beladi al-Furat, Nawa radio, Rueters, an d some channels broadcasting from Kurdistan have entered the building of Kirkuk provincial council to cover the press conference of al-Hashimi, but they found that the logos of their channels were replaced by some logos belong to other Arab satellite channels.


Al-Jaf maintained that he and his colleagues have objected and asked to be treated like their colleagues of those channels, but al-Hashimi bodyguards told them to leave the place; one of the guards strongly pushed al-Jaf out, accordingly, the other reporters and cameramen left the place in protest against that uncivilized behavior.


Al-jaf added that when he was about to leave the place, al-Hashimi bodyguards' chief accused him of igniting segregation and frankly told him "I will cross you out of life, I will end your existence", these words include explicit threat of killing.

The incident was assured by Suran al-Dawoodi, al-Hurra satellite channel reporter who said that not only al-Jaf, but also some other reporters were embarrassed and threatened.


The JFO denounces this aggression and counts it a continuation to the improper measures of treating the Iraqi journalists. It asked the governmental bodies to show commitment to the constitution that prohibits any kind of violation to the free expression and journalistic work. It asks the Vice Prersident al-Hashimi to start a prompt investigation with the bodyguards' chief that threatened the journalists and to urge him to present a letter of apology to them.


** translated in cooperation with "reporters with out borders" organization.




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