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The Difficulties ofCovering the Election

Journalists face many complicated security measures to enter the building of the Independent high electoral commission (IHEC) inside the green zone; they must pass through three checkpoints along with the necessity of having a permit issued by the council of the ministers.
Due to these measures, some journalists refused going to get their special I.Ds to covering the elections.

Newsmatic agency reporter Hazim al-Sharaa still not getting the I.D of the IHEC because of these difficulties; it takes one day to get the I.D, as his colleagues told him.

Younis Chaloob al-Arraf, al-Dawaa newspaper reporter says that the procedures taken by the IHEC may set the journalists a way from dealing with it despite their desire to cover the elections, "I still have no I.D" he adds.

Media man Mahmood al-Meferji says the procedures are not designed to bother or obstruct the journalists; but he thinks that it will be much better if the offices are out of the green zone.

Al-Mada newspaper reporter Naseer al-Awam describes the instructions of the IHEC as "incomplete" because of the difficulty of getting inside its headquarters or interviewing one of its officials. "Either the media office of the IHEC is inefficient, or they have secret instructions to oust the journalists and media outlets" he adds.

Journalistic freedoms observatory asks the officials of the IHEC to facilitate the work of the journalists to cover the coming elections and to establish media centers out of the green zone for easy transforming the information to the voters, to inform the journalists about the press conferences, and to grant them badges of roaming inside the voting centers for better coverage of the elections because media men are very important partner in rendering the elections a success. 




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