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Protective equipments Available

Journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) calls on all the local and international journalists and media outlets' workers to be cautious when embedded with the security and military forces in different parts of Iraq or when accompanying them to the areas that required special security measures to protect themselves during their coverage process.

JFO has received many helmets and bullet proof jackets from Doha center to support the freedom of media. It asks all the media teams to contact the JFO to coordinate the process of providing them with the tools and take the appropriate measures to settle special strategy of protecting the journalists to lessen the losses and threats they face while doing their coverage.

It also urges the journalists to adhere to the rules of safety and security.

In the recent criminal act that targeted security forces, tribal leaders, and journalists in Abu Ghuraib, the journalists were not equipped with the least of the rules or equipments of protecting themselves; that led to the big losses of many of journalists, and the critical and serious injuries of others.

246 Iraqi and international journalists were killed since the American invasion to Iraq; 35 journalists and media assistants were killed on spot where the explosions took place, as per the records and statistics of the JFO.




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