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Iraqi Media Outlets Violated

Journalistic freedoms observatory (JFO) urges the embassy of the Iranian Islamic Republic in Iraq not to address any Iraqi organizations except through the foreign ministry and through the diplomatic channels internationally agreed upon.


The Iranian embassy sent a letter to the editor in- chief of al-Dustour newspaper accusing the editorial team of publishing false articles and photos that libel the Iranian Islamic Republic, the paper management told JFO.


Al-Dustour paper editor in chief Basim al-Sheikh describes the letter as "lacking the diplomatic protocol sense".

The letter severely criticized the prepaid announcements al-Dustour and other Iraqi papers have published. Basim al-Sheikh said the stuff was published with out any ethical or legal responsibility because the paper worked as per the honor charts of journalism internationally agreed upon.


JFO astonishingly looks at the letter as a violation to the Iraqi laws and international protocols, and considers it as a dangerous step to hinder the Iraqi media outlets practicing the free expression constitutionally guaranteed. The embassy ignores the fact that there are diplomatic channels through which individuals, organizations, and foreign governments can set their complaints.




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